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SSN Advanced Flow Range Spark Arrestor (CE224)

SSN spark arrestor


The Model SSN is designed especially to meet the requirements of the latest generations of low emission diesel engines (NRMM stage III A / B, stage IV and V; equivalent US Tier 3 & 4 : Euro 5 and 6 (other harmonised standards) and engines fitted with exhaust treatment devices such as DOC (catalysts) DPF (particulate filters) and SCR (NOX abatement) Post 2014.

Developed with the aid of C.F.D (Computerised Fluid Dynamics) this new range has much lower system flow resistance than conventional spark arrestor designs, enabling them to achieve the low back pressure requirements of high gas flow engines. (At optimum flow rates back pressure is approximately half that of other equivalent models) This smoother, less turbulent internal gas flow reduces the secondary noise regeneration often associated with spark arrestors making them much quieter across the power range.

Exhaust gas flow rates and back pressure limits vary between engine manufacturers. Please consult us with your requirements for further information.

Features and Benefits

  • ATEX EN1834-1/2/3:2000 & EN14363:2000 compliant
  • Certified for use in zone 1 and 2 areas
  • Suitable for all modern turbo charged engines
  • Designed to meet the requirements of the latest generation of low emission diesel engines
  • Slotted inlet and outlet pipe for clamping
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Combined spark arrestor/industrial standard silencer designed for permanent installation