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Chalwyn System Selection Guide


The System Selection Guide is an overview of the most common types of air intake shutoff systems used to prevent diesel engine overspeed or runaway. We have a wide range of fully automatic and manual shutoff systems.

What is Diesel Engine Runaway?
Diesel engine speed is governed by controlling the amount of fuel fed to the engine through its fuel system and internal speed governor. If a flammable material is drawn into the air intake system of a diesel engine it acts as an additional ungoverned fuel supply. This additional fuel source can cause the diesel engine to accelerate or overspeed out of control. This condition is referred to as diesel engine runaway. The result of a diesel engine runaway can range from engine damage to a catastrophic explosion.
How do you prevent Diesel Engine Runaway?
Turning off the normal shutdown system will only turn off the engine's normal fuel source. Once the flammable material is being drawn into the engine intake it may not be possible to stop the engine using the normal engine shutdown. The most effective way of shutting down a runaway diesel engine is with an air intake shutoff valve. An air intake shutoff system completely blocks the engine intake system, cutting off both the external fuel source and the air required to keep the engine running.